This comprehensive educational bundle, curated by crystal and sound expert Carly Tway, seamlessly weaves together the mystical properties of crystals and the transformative power of sound, providing a unique pathway to living a more magical, soulful life.

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I'm Carly, a visionary and the CEO of Merkababe Designs and Ceremony by Merkababe Designs. My journey began in the 6th grade when my father introduced me to the transformative book, "The Secret," sparking my passion for integrating ancient wisdom into modern life. With a plethora of certifications in Akashic perspective, crystal therapy, vibrational alignment, sound therapy, and more, I create spaces for the alchemical transformation of the Self, guiding individuals to bridge the gap between today's fast-paced world and the timeless sacred traditions of old. My mission is to foster a profound connection between contemporary existence and the sacred, achieved through nurturing communities, orchestrating sacred circles, and curating transformative retreats deeply rooted in mysticism. At Merkababe Designs and Ceremony by Merkababe Designs, my unwavering commitment is to help others unlock their true potential and rediscover the magic within themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes this educational bundle from other crystal and sound programs, and how will it benefit my personal journey?

This educational bundle stands out by weaving together profound expertise in crystal therapy, vibrational alignment, sound therapy, and various other modalities, creating a holistic and transformative experience. Unlike other programs, Carly's unique approach seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom into modern life, fostering a profound connection between where you're at now and the deeper connection you aspire to. The bundle benefits your personal journey by not only imparting knowledge but by providing practical tools and guidance for alchemical self-transformation, helping you bridge the gap between today's fast-paced world and the timeless wisdom of bygone eras. Carly's mission is to guide you in unlocking your true potential and rediscovering the magic within yourself, making this educational bundle a truly transformative and personalized journey.

My bundle includes optional coaching. How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing a bundle that includes coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment inside the Crystalline Clarity Essentials Course.